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Inktober - and some mushrooms

After a long month (starting in the beginning of September and ending now in the end of October) with little or almost non art at all – how do I come back to my almost daily routine of making art?

The long month started with 3 weeks of a stubborn cold. And as soon as that one started to fade the real haul started. A house move! Me and my husband had to pack all our bellongings, ”hoarded” during 23 years together in the same apartment, into boxes. The most of it goes into storage since the house we live in is to undergo an allmost total refurbishment. So we had to decide wich items we needed for our stay in a temporary apartment for half a year, and pack that into separate boxes. An exhausting experience whick took most of all our free time during 2-3 weeks. The actuall move took one day but left us in a chaos of boxes, boxes and more boxes to unpack...!

So, this year I totally missed my favoruite season, all the mushrooms! I managed to collect a few and paint some quick sketches with color swatches. Lots of photos snapped and hopefully there will be proper paintings later in winter. But no long walks in the woods when the colours was the most flaming and the air was crisp and clear!

Now, when we are in the temporary place, were to start?

My boxes marked with the labels ”daily art stuff” has to be unpacked and all the things has to be organized so they are easy to reach and use. But I didn’t take all my practical drawers with me, hm – thinking new …..

As a start I throw myself into Inktober! I actually managed to do the first week at the prompted days before the actuall move, but soon I was a week behind.

I found this list of prompts by @ccreechstudio over at instagram, it’s not the ”official” list but a list I felt i could do something of.

I decided to approach this in a total different manner than I use to. I have a bottle of Sumi Ink and a sprawling Black Gold 206FW brush which are my work horses. For some splashes of colour I have 3 waterbrushes from Sketchbox prefilled with red, blue and purple ink, and a light grey Seiboku brushpencil. And also a finliner 0,05 from Staedtler. I do a quick graphite drawing, looking at my own picture, or pictures I have googled or from my imagination or a mix of them. And then without hesitation i just start with the brush and the black ink and hope for the best! So far the most of them have come out allmost as I intended :-) I draw them all in a big Moleskin sketchbook I have had laying around for years. Quite a change from my ordinary slow, carefull and meticulous way of painting.

If you havn't heard about Inktober before it is not all about Ink but should be done in October. Basicly it is a list of words (prompts), one for each day of the month. And then you do your own interpretation of it in your own way and manner. You can use whatever medium youn want, even a computer...!

Here are my favourites so far, the rest can be seen at my Instagram account. I most enjoyed working with the black sumi ink. When the brush started to dry it left beautiful soft markings - perfect for shadows and form building.

Now, what will happen when I go back painting mushrooms after this? If there are any remaining in the wood that is.

#2, mammal - a badger just before it disapears :-)

#5, airborne - samaras fluttering by in the wind!

#7, fish, the Atlantic bluefin tuna is comming back to the Swedish west coast, after been fished to extinction in the late 1960 here in our waters!

#8, archaeology, a rock carving from Tanum here on the Swedish west coast.

#9, amphibian, a toad! I love toads :-)

#11, marine life, a seal since I live near the coast.

#14, space, a rocket - we are going to the stars!

#17, microbial, these tiny spider creatures are just so adorable - a house pseudoscorpion.

#25, animal, a squirell!

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