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About Karin Feltzing, dipSBA - botanical artist

Painter of botanical things

I have strong opinions about the seasons, and I know which of them I prefer the most. The autumn! 

If you are like me you love being in the outdoors and just wander about and marvel over all the glorious things that are there. And in the fall all these things happen to be more and more interesting as the days pass. And I just want to collect them all and bring them home with me. Of course that is easier said than done, since the decay starts to set in rather quickly for some of them. But I have come up with the perfect solution for that situation. I paint them! That way they never decay. 

The paintings I do are slow work. Water colour paintings can be everything in between a quick splash and it's done - and painstakingly one brush stroke at a time. I start with a splash, but then it is time for the magnifier, tiny brushes and patience! 


One can of course not be in the woods each an every day. But imortalise the days I can on paper is second best.


There is no such thing than finding the perfect spot (in this case a dried out ditch) and set up my painting gear and totaly lose track of time.

This painting was no succes, but I had the best of times totally surrounded by nature. And that moment with all the feelings I experienced will come back whenever I look at this little sketch.

The sun was a little to hot, the ducks were quacking in the little lake just behind the fence in the background. Birds were shirping and there was this stillnes that occurs on the last and lazy summer days.

And look at that big polypore on the stump! I really have to go back for that one!

My art is for sale in my Etsy shopArt of Tipulida
​If you are interested in other paintings here on my website - or over at Instagram, please drop me a note using the form bellow.

Commissions are welcome.

Upcoming events:


2023 Group exhibiton at Södertälje Konsthall with SK (juried)

2023 Konstkuppen 400/031 - exhibition in connection with Göteborgs 400th year birthday celebration

2022 Group exhibition Gallery Engleson, Göteborg - Sweden

2022 Nordic watercolour society​ triennial exhibition - Sweden

2022 Nordic Watercolor Open Exhibition

2021 NAS Internet Exhibition, Nordic watercolour society 

2019 Nordic watercolour society​ triennial exhibition - Finland

2019 Väsby Konsthall water colour exhibiton

2018 Väsby Konsthall water colour exhibiton

2018 NAS Internet Exhibition, Nordic watercolour society 

2016 Väsby Konsthall water colour exhibiton

2011 Väsby Konsthall water colour exhibiton

2010 Väsby Konsthall water colour exhibiton

2009 Nordic watercolour triennial, Nordic watercolour society​ - Iceland


SBA Distance Learning Diploma Cource - UK - 2011-2013

Member of:

Svenska Konstnärsförbundet (SK) - Swedish Artist's Association

Nordiska Akvarellsällskapet (NAS) - Nordic Watercolour Society

American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA)

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